INFOGEN provides short-term, high intensity training for computer professionals in a wide range of applications and technologies. We can custom design a program to fit your needs. We offer: Trainers who are business educators, consultants, and corporate professionals; custom designed curriculum in addition to our wide range of existing programs; one day seminars and multiple session certificate programs are available. We are looking forward to working with you in the future.
The goal of our Corporate Training Division is to provide the highest quality technical education to companies seeking to significantly improve workforce performance. Our corporate training division designs and implements responsive, cost effective training programs that maximize the productivity of our clients' employees.
Effective and efficient corporate educations begins with acquiring a keen understanding of strategic organizational objectives. Our corporate account executives act as an extension of your organization, serving your needs with an internalistic approach - successfully guiding you from requirements gathering through assessment and reporting.
Unparalleled Mentoring
Field-experienced and cross-certified, our instructors bring more than knowledge to every engagement: they bring the know-how born of hands-on experience in the field. Our instructors combine deep technical expertise with a broad understanding of how technologies are deployed, used, and managed in today's business.
Expert Course Design
Our experience and expertise dramatically enhance our capacity to develop the precise instructional solution that will positively impact your bottom line. Whether you have invested in a new technology or are undertaking a sweeping change in corporate direction, Knowledge Key Associates can reduce your time to proficiency by applying the most effective learning solution to your organization, assembling the right tools, curriculum, and teaching modes that promote knowledge transfer.
Good Business Sense: Certify Your Employees
    Increased knowledge and skill resulting in better and more efficient services is the prime benefit companies expect when they invest in certification. Companies also cited replacing outside consultants and supporting employees' individual growth as expected benefits.
    Research has shown that technical certification of engineers benefits the companies that employ them. Companies that provide tuition reimbursement toward technical training, continuing education, and certification see a return on their investment.
    Enhanced retention of staff & increased staff morale.
    Improvement in the level of support offered to end users.
    Promotion of effective implementation of new products, technologies, and/or solutions.
    Decreased reliance on highly-paid outside consulting staff.
    Decreased server downtime and network disruption.
    Better customer service and higher reported customer satisfaction.
    In a study by IDC, companies with Microsoft® certified IS staff saw these benefits returned in an average cost savings of $2,500.00 per server per year. This translates to compelling monetary savings, which make the investment in certification of employees very worthwhile.
    Plus, employers cannot afford to retain IT staff whose technical know-how remains stagnant. Sponsoring certification training for your employees is essential.
    Accelerated Training: A Valuable Option
    Accelerated training offers even more value, providing your staff with an intensive, hands-on education in a very short timeframe away from the distractions of work and other commitments. Traditional format courses can be months in length, costing your company valuable employee time, and delaying the impact of their new technical skills.
    And, The Training Camp sets itself apart from the “certification boot camps” that focus on beating the tests. We provide comprehensive training to ensure your IT staff will not only pass the certification exams, but also have the knowledge and skills to improve your company’s technical infrastructure.